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"Emergency Health Card" Card

Use to organize your vital medical records online. It is fast, friendly, and secure. In case of emergency (ICE) it can save lives or reduce medical mistakes.

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"We went on a family vacation to Orlando along with our 5 year old son. Couple of days at the theme parks, my son allergies got triggered and we had to rush him to an urgent care. The nurse at the urgent care kept asking about his entire medical history including his doctors, the medications, his immunizations etc. I could barely remember his medications, let alone immunizations?? No way. I can't even pronounce them properly, let alone remembering them. But, luckily we carried his iMediChart emergency health card using which the nurse could download all his medical data, just as she needed. It was so easy to download my son's medical history in a matter of seconds. We never know when this data would come handy and I am glad I took it." L.M, Novi, MI.

"Absolutely love this service from" S.P, Cheraw, SC.

"This product will surely help reduce the medical mistakes that take place everyday in ER and hospitals due to lack of information at the right time."
R.Y, Atlanta, GA.

"For people like me who travel a lot, this is a must. I love my ICE card and the ability to keep my health records up to date. I would definitely recommend this product."
R.M, Phoenix, AZ.

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Get Protected
  • Step 1: Sign up online or call 888-49-CHART.
  • Step 2: Login in to add your vital medical information and receive your own iMediChart ICE health cards (wallet size and key tags).
  • Step 3: Carry the iMediChart cards with you and present them in case of emergency (ICE) or Doctor office visits. The medical professionals treating you will be able to get some basic information from the cards and retrieve a lot more from our authenticated secure server 24 hours a day. Having access to timely information could help protect yourself from medical mistakes and save your life.

It's simple, fast, easy, and inexpensive. Why wait.
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